The Excitement of Good Exposure!

Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry by Author Kym Gordon MooreWOW, what an exciting week this started off as. Kicking off National Poetry Month, I was so thrilled to have my book Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry mentioned or appear in a few local venues. On April 1, my book was featured in an ad in the Gotta Have It section of Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine. On April 2, The North Carolina Writer’s Network mentioned me in their Hats Off! section and Writer’s Gazette Newsletter mentioned my book in their April 4 issue. I am truly humbled by this and very happy for the exposure.

As every Indie author knows, trying to find cost-effective marketable ways to get exposure for their product is when the hard work begins. Typically, Indie authors do not have an agent, or perhaps even the type of big marketing budget that a traditional marketing package provides. Yet, even with traditional methods, you still need to do some self-marketing on your own.

While the ordinary expected methods still work to a degree (business cards, postcards, flyers and Facebook), there are other methods of applying diverse marketing applications to your program in order to garner a larger audience for your end-product. In many communication networks, I also find that thinking outside the circle (thinking outside the “box” is way too saturated and overused) there are more opportunities to utilize, but it will take more “work” to make it happen. A little “elbow grease” can do the trick as long as you are willing to devote time to reaching outside of your comfort zone. There are no magical formulas that works for everyone, despite how many social channels you are a part of. Do not be fooled by someone suggesting a “one-size-fits-all, overnight success” strategy, because they claimed it worked for them and they made millions of dollars or sold thousands of books in 2 hours! If they did, that is certainly not the norm for every single genre.

As you know, April is National Poetry Month and there are poets coming out of the woodwork with their books of poetry hitting the market or being reintroduced to the market (including me). We have the Tea & Poetry Book Club devoted to connecting and engaging a community of tea lovers and poetry enthusiasts. From time to time, we gladly feature some Indie poetry authors, as well as traditional published poets to help promote their books of poetry.

You are cordially invited to connect with the Tea & Poetry Book Club through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and their blog site. The club will be launching a website soon, and details of that will be forthcoming on their blog site and social media outlets. If you subscribe to the Tea & Poetry Book Club blog and connect through Twitter, Google + and Facebook especially if you have a Facebook “page,” the Tea & Poetry Book Club will reciprocate the favor. The one restriction for reciprocation on the part of the Tea & Poetry Book Club or featuring books of poetry on their site is – a site/book cannot be politically, racially or religiously offensive, nor can language be vulgar, violent or pornographic. The audience is diverse with many ages, creeds and cultures, so sensitivity is a factor.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have an avenue to share or a marketing opportunity for poets and genre specific authors (Indie or Traditional). Due to the nature of receiving spam content, blog posts are moderated for approval. Make it an awesome weekend everyone!


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