Celebrating Our Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week Celebration From Behind the Pen

Commemorating Teacher Appreciation Week!

Since the beginning of time, teachers have been the pipeline to learning, inspiration, aspirations, discipline and development. Remembering my teachers when I was in grade and high school were game changers for me. They knew my name, my parent’s name, all of my brothers, my sister who was the Valedictorian of her senior class and I do believe that they also knew my blood type and great-great-grandparents, since we’re on the subject here! But seriously, as I reflect on my school years, those were formidable times of growing up, learning responsibility and respect, on top of educational pursuits.

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I would like to pay tribute to all of my former teachers who showed how they cared and encouraged me to strive for bigger dreams, not just through words, but also through action. Do you remember those teachers who actually cared about you, your life and welfare when you were in school? Do you remember those teachers who never seemed to give you a break because they were able to recognize your hidden potential and continued to push you towards excellence?

Growing up, I almost dreaded PTA or PTO meetings as it is referred to nowadays, because there was a surefire bet that my parents would be there to check on my progress, struggles and have a heart-to-heart talk with every one of my teachers and the Principal. Looking back I can certainly appreciate everyone who looked out for my well-being to make sure that I received the best possible education I could get.

So to all of my teachers who never gave up on me, and those who helped me to develop my creative and academic side, thank you! If I knew then what I know now, I would have been an even higher achiever than I was.

Do something special for your teachers or former teachers today and this week. Show them some love and respect for doing what they are doing or have done in your daily life at school. Send a personal, handwritten thank you note to those you probably haven’t seen in years. Recognizing teachers on National Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week is a celebration of epic educational proportions and one that you will embrace for your lifetime.

If there is a teacher, principal or guidance counselor who you would like to recognize in the comment section below, please feel free to do so. Is there a teacher who changed your life or inspired you tremendously? What would life be like if we didn’t have teachers?

To all of our teachers, we salute you and say Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Enjoy!


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