Licking Eyeballs for Erotic Pleasure? Really?

The Eyes Have It From Behind the PenYou know, as I scan through various news articles to read about what’s happening around the world, I usually stumble across some pretty outrageous stories that throw me for a loop or two! Sometimes my loops can be three or more depending on how weird the story is.

I happen to come across this story and again ask “why” and “what” in the heck were you thinking? So, I ask this question, “Would you want to lick another person’s eyeballs for erotic pleasure?” Yep, you read the title of this piece and my question correctly. Having worn corrective lens since I was in the third grade and wearing contact lens most of my life, I cannot fathom the idea of having someone lick my eyeballs to turn them or me on! Sorry, I have my limitations.

Also, just like any other contact wearer, you can experience dry eyes or when a tiny speck of something gets in your eyes, it seems like your entire body is thrown off balance. I’m sure there’s some reasonable or scientific explanation on why your equilibrium is affected by an eye injury or with something foreign being in it, but is your body thrown off balance when someone decides you lick your eyeballs? Now before you think that I am making this entire story up, let me share this article with you that will make you blink twice before doing it.

Additionally, I was so curious about how much attention this type of behavior received that I had to hit my search engines! Apparently, eyeball licking or “worming” as these kids call it, has been around for a decade at least and despite the dangers of this practice, people are still engaging in it. This certainly puts a different spin on the saying “Eyes Wide Open” or “The Eyes Have It!” Lick my eyeballs and mess up my mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow? I don’t think so!


2 thoughts on “Licking Eyeballs for Erotic Pleasure? Really?

  1. Francene Marie says:

    Interesting! Right when you thought you knew everything, something like this catches us by surprise…LOL


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