Glamping During National Camping Week

Ulaantaij Mongolian Yurts featured on From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: Ulaantaij Mongolian Yurts

This week is National Camping Week. Many people are preparing to hit the road and bask in the great outdoors. Camping is appealing to many, but after watching some scary movies about crazy and bizarre things happening to people in their tents among the unknown lurking in the woods, I am more reluctant to engage in such pleasure. While it is traditional to camp outdoors in a tent, there is a growing phenomenon happening around the world that is changing the way we look at camping.

It is called Glamping (glamorous camping). Yep, if you have not heard of this modern concept of camping, then there you have it! Glamping combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or a swanky hotel. This type of camping allows travelers to experience the great outdoors without the hassle that can come with traditional camping experiences. Luxury camping, boutique camping or posh camping also describe what glamping is all about.

Accommodations for glamping can be in the form of tree houses, tent cabins, yurts, teepees, safari tents or motor homes. With such options in mind, I just might reconsider the possibility of camping outdoors. Glamping? Who would have thought that such a concept would have taken off in such an explosive way?


One thought on “Glamping During National Camping Week

  1. Reblogged this on From Behind the Pen and commented:

    Try Glamping During National Camping Month! This is the month that summer camps are happening everywhere. While many families are taking to the great outdoors and camping the old-fashioned way, those who want to add a little bit of sophisticated swaggar to their camping trips are turning to “Glamping!” I’m reposting this blog from 2 years ago. Enjoy!


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