Happy Birthday To Me and Life in the Carolinas!

Happy Birthday From Behind the Pen Blog

Today I joyously celebrated my birthday. I am so grateful to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, but more importantly, I am grateful for people, who took a moment to simply stop to acknowledge the anniversary of my life. I try not to merely exist in a world that is so full of hope and promise, but to contribute to the beauty of creation that resonates around us whether we pay attention to it or not.

There are moments where we simply have to pause and take in the scenery and the splendor that God made available free of charge. I stand in awe every single day of His magnificent beauty and the profound way He spoke things into existence! WOW! While I have no idea whether or not I will see another birthday, I do know that I will cherish every moment of breath that I inhale and exhale, all because I made it to see this day and celebrate it like no other.

My dear friend, Carl White, host of Life in the Carolinas TV Show sent me a beautiful, inspirational poem for my birthday that I want to share with everyone! If you live in the Carolinas, however, be sure to check your local listing for when his show airs in your area. Carl’s personal sentiments, uniquely evident in these very special poetic words he wrote to me for my birthday, helps me to keep a positive perspective on the grand scheme of life!

Carl’s Birthday Ode

Good Thoughts
Good Memories
Good Intentions
Good Celebrations
Good Friends with only Love to Offer
Good Years Passed
Good Years Ahead

With all of the wonderful wishes that so many beautiful people sent my way for my birthday, as this poem gives a clear reminder of the “Now,” the “Present” and “The Celebration,” I have no choice but to continue living passionately! Thank you Carl for these beautiful sentiments! You are indeed beautiful, because that’s the type of spirit you possess!

Carl has updates on his Life in the Carolinas Facebook page that you must check out! Go there, “like” the page and be a part of “Life in the Carolinas” even if you don’t live here!


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