Reflections of Freedom and Independence

Celebrating Independence Day From Behind the Pen BlogAs we commemorate this Independence Day in the United States of America, let us look beyond the traditional cookouts, parades and fireworks that is a typical part of our celebration. In order to experience and enjoy the freedom that we generously embrace today, yet often take for granted, we must stop and pause to remember that our freedom is a result of the sacrifices, blood, sweat, abuse and death that so many before us fought for everyone, not just a chosen few, to enjoy.

To this day, there are still so many of our global brothers and sisters, who remain in bondage and cannot enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like drinking clean water or reading a book of their choice in their country. As hard as we pray for peace and unity in their region, it is far from their grasp, because they elect to give up the fight and eventually succumb to oppression. While we still have our share of adversities in this country to overcome, we cannot complain about freedoms we are blessed to enjoy on this Independence Day and beyond.

So today, as you have your family gatherings, head to the beach, go to a parade, take in a movie or watch a spectacular fireworks show this evening, don’t forget that the fight for our freedom continues, even if we don’t realize that it is.

Have a Safe, Blessed and Happy 4th of July!


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