It’s National Sewing Month

national sewing month, seamstress, tailor, sewingFor many generations, home economics was an important course taught in school about the critical elements of homemaking. One category of the home economics curriculum was focused on sewing, which affects every person wearing clothes. Sewing is an art. This is an ideal time to take educational classes or participate in projects requiring this skill-set.

Although I did not take home economics in high school, my mother was my hands on teacher in the art of sewing. She made anything from lingerie, outfits, robes and stoles for the church choir, quilts, curtains and a number of things I was in awe what you could create from patterns or even free handed, using fabric, a needle, thread and sometimes a thimble.

September is National Sewing Month and what a great time to celebrate the passion and appreciation for sewing. Although the profession as a seamstress or tailor is not as prevalent as it once was, it is always a good idea to learn the basics when needing to do something as simple as sewing a button on your garment. On the Sewing & Craft Alliance (SCA) website,, new and experienced sewing enthusiasts can find free sewing projects, embroidery, craft and even appliqué articles. The American Sewing Guild has chapters and neighborhood groups around the country who meet, and share their skills and ideas. Why not check out the number of amazing things that are done using a variety of utilitarian and decorative sewing techniques. And while you’re at it, find something to write on this topic, during this month of sewing commemoration.


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