The Nostalgia of a Carolina Man’s Memories

Carl White, Life in the Carolinas, Stories about the Carolinas, Storytelling about life in the CarolinasWhile we celebrate the excitement of the holidays, there are some bittersweet moments that make us stop and pause for “Memory Lane” reflections. The following poem was written by a dear friend who sent this to me when I lost my father a few months ago. He didn’t need to pen a lot in order to relay a message with such a profound richness of spirit. Thank you Carl for the reassurance of how important love and peace is.

I’m not quit sure I understand why we have the good people in our lives for such a short period of time.
I find myself caring for and loving my friends more and more as time passes.
I speak more freely using love in my phrases and greetings.
Be it part of my journeys progression or therapy for my soul, I find myself at peace with its frequency and abundance.

– Carl White, Executive Producer and Host of “Life in the Carolinas” TV Show

Carl White is the Executive Producer for “Life in the Carolinas” TV Show. He is a passionate storyteller and promotes awareness on a wide range of international cultures through events, interviews and interactions. Be sure to check your local listing to find out when the show will air in your area. For more information about “Life in the Carolinas” visit their website


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