The Grammy’s are coming, and what will the winners say?

acceptance speeches, grammy awards, speaking in front of an audience

On Sunday January 26, 2014, the Grammy Awards Show will be televised from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This annual music awards show is abuzz with who is performing, who will win, what they will be wearing and above all the infamous acceptance speeches! Ah…the speeches. Some people are not that great with adlib and just going on a “try to be funny” free style is not the way to go when they have to step up to that microphone. Although some would say, “Who cares? They won!” It matters, because out-of-control babbling or expletives are not the things you really want to be remembered by. At least I wouldn’t think so.

As a nominee, each one of them should be prepared with an acceptance speech in the event their names are announced and before they step up to the microphone. When millions of viewers are watching and the live audience’s eyes are on you, you want your acceptance speech to be memorable and not botched up. I am reminded of an article I wrote a few years ago that focuses on preparing for your acceptance speech, called 10 Award Winning Questions to Help Spotlight Your Writing Success Now! While this article is not about the Grammy Awards, this is about preparation. Even if you memorize the speech, that’s great. The first step lies in what you write, because all eyes are on you and all ears hang on your every word. Click here to check out that article.


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