Super Bowl XLVIII Presents a Mound of Writing Opportunities

The Super Bowl is all abuzz in conversations everywhere today, whether your favorite team is playing or not! Broncos or Seahawks? That is the question!

Today is definitely a day presented with many writing opportunities about this topic alone. You may find some real-time blogging going on while the game is being televised. Afterwards, you will find a slew of commentaries, articles, blogs and shows discussing how the Star Spangled Banner was sung, did the halftime show woo us, what were the best and worst commercials, the performance of the offense and defense for both teams, who the MVP is, how the quarterbacks fared, the calls made by the officials, how the postgame interviews went, how many pounds of chicken wings were probably consumed, snapshots of the tailgaters, the pre-game show and what the most popular food served during the game was.

If you’re having one of those “writer’s block” kind of days, fret not. Believe me, writing about some aspect of the Super Bowl today is not short of any ideas whatsoever! Go for it! It’s all happening at MetLife Stadium this evening!


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