Super Bowl XLVIII Post-Game Writing Recap

Super Bowl XLVIII, Super Bowl 2014, Major Football Championship GameThe Super Bowl XLVIII reports continue to pour in. Yesterday, I posted suggestions about the writing opportunities this one major sports event presented. Needless to say, I am amazed at the things people began writing about in real time. Social media channels were plastered with comments about the surprisingly high scoring, dominating game that catapulted the Seattle Seahawks into the Super Bowl Champion limelight. Congratulations Seahawks and a shout out to the 12th man on the team! We don’t have to tell ya’ll to make some noise!

Then, there were countless comments about the lack-luster commercials that overall did not woo the viewers. Although I have to agree that many of the commercials did not touch the “That’s Awesome” spot, there were a few that I liked, which were inspirational and touched my heart. As always, there will be a Budweiser commercial that takes me to my “Awww moment” like the ad with the puppy and the Clydesdale. I thought the Audi A3 in the “Doberhuahua” and the Mountain Dew “Duck Calling” commercial was funny. The Cheerios commercial with the little girl discussing family additions with her father was sweet. I did appreciate the commercials that recognized and honored our armed service members, special causes they support like cancer and AIDS, and those with the “Made in America” slant. The Microsoft “Technology” ad was also inspiring.

There were some commercials that according to many online comments, were controversial, like Coke’s America the Beautiful spot. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with the commercial, because I liked the diversity element of the ever-changing, inclusive America depicted in this ad, whether we like it or not. There were some commercials that were cute, like the Doritos Time Machine ad and others left me staring blankly at the television screen. Regardless of which ones we liked, disliked or had no opinion about, they made us watch out of sheer curiosity and anticipation.

I think Bruno Mars’ halftime show was great, energetic and displayed a sense of class and style for his generation. He didn’t need to belt out expletives while he was singing and I loved his display of James Brown inspired moves that merged old school with new school. Renee Fleming did an amazing job, as the first Opera singer to sing The Star-Spangled Banner for the Super Bowl. Believe me, Renee did not disappoint when she hit the high notes of this song. I think Queen Latifah did a wonderful job with singing “America the Beautiful” without butchering the song, as we hear when some singers try adding their spin to our patriotic songs and failing terribly when performing in front of a huge audience.

To say the least, Super Bowl XLVIII has come and gone. But without a shadow of a doubt, it has given writers, poets, artists, journalists, late night talk show hosts, fans and sports commentators a lot to talk about! Someone had to win and someone had to lose this game. But, the Denver Broncos would not have been in the game if they didn’t prove to be the best in their conference. Seattle proved that their young team however, was more famished, not just hungry for this championship!


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