Erté, Pinterest and Glam

Erté Sculpture, Erté Designs, Erté Fashions,

Erté Limited Edition from

Last year I wrote an article entitled How Pinterest Inspires Writers and Poets, which helps me in those moments when I run into that occasional writer’s block. I noticed recently on my “Erté” pin board that I have a considerable increase of likes and repins than I ever imagined. I am always pleasantly surprised when I search Pinterest and find others who also share my passions in unique ways.

Erté, Romain de Tirtoff

Romain de Tirtoff, known as Erté

In 1990, I visited an art gallery in New Orleans on Royal Street, where I was introduced to the amazing bronze statues by Erté. I fell in love with the grace, glamour, elegance and fabulous designs that attracted me to this incredible clothing designer. Romain de Tirtoff, known by the pseudonym Erté, was a Russian-born French artist and designer. He was born on November 23, 1892 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and died on April 21, 2990 in New York City. The French pronunciation of Romain’s initials is how his famous name Erté was born.

Erté Monaco, Erté Fashions, Erté

Erté Monaco – Image credit:

If I was a good artist and committed to being one, I would have been a fashion designer. I love designs, art and classic styles that stretch the imagination, like the haute couture fashions by Erté. Erté not only flourished in fashion and design, but in costume, jewelry, interior décor and set design. His illustrations and clothing are simply mesmerizing and timeless.

Since being an artist or fashion designer was not quite my forte, I will settle for the inspiration that great fashion designers like Erté allow me to enjoy and borrow from! Unquestionably divine! How vogue!

Erte, Pinterest, Romain de Tirtoff

Erté – Romain de Tirtoff Pinterest Board


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