Today is National Pistachio Day

national pistachio day, pistachios, pistachio nutI couldn’t let the day get by without writing something about it! Did you know that today is National Pistachio Day? That’s right! These delicious nuts are produced in clusters of fruit (similar to grapes), that is the seed of that fruit. The pistachio is a bushy tree that is native to the Middle East.

We’ve seen the Wonderful Pistachios commercials where several celebrities are featured in the bright green branding color that makes their ads stand out. So what is your favorite Wonderful Pistachio commercial? Here’s one that conveys the branding message that you can go nuts over! (Pun intended)

Did you also know that pistachios are an excellent source of fiber, Vitamin B6, copper and manganese? Awesome! Happy National Pistachio Day!


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