Newspapers in Education Week Offers Greater Understanding in Newspaper Media

Newspapers in Education Week, Newspapers, Journalism, History of Newspapers, American Press Institute, Newspaper Association of AmericaThis week we’re celebrating Newspapers in Education Week. Typically observed during the first week in March, this is a great opportunity to learn about the history of newspapers, evaluating news coverage and understanding where it comes from. This week we will use this opportunity to focus on what the literacy strategies with newspapers are and ways to get youth involved with the news in light of our highly digitized society.

Here is an excellent educational resource from the American Press Institute that introduces a curriculum developed in response to teachers who teach their students how to read and understand news media and current events. Click here to go to that curriculum.

The American Press Institute  is an educational non-advocacy 501(c)3 nonprofit organization affiliated with the Newspaper Association of America. It focuses on helping the news media, in particular local publishers and newspaper media, advance in the digital era. For more information about resources for newspapers from Newspaper in Education, visit Be sure to support your local newspaper through hard copy or online.


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