My crusade seeking Mayoral Proclamations celebrating National Poetry Month

North Carolina Mayors, North Carolina Mayoral Proclamations, National Poetry Month

The Academy of American Poets inaugurated April as National Poetry Month. To increase the awareness and celebration of poetry during National Poetry Month, I wanted to do something a little different to enhance my passion with the revival of this genre. In the state of North Carolina, we consider it the “Writingest State” due to the plethora of writers, poets, poet laureates and other literary pleasures our state has to offer.

I decided to seek greater acknowledgement for poetry by issuing a request for Mayoral Proclamations recognizing April as National Poetry Month in their respective cities and townships. I started off by seeking a Mayoral Proclamation from my mayor. I was not only pleasantly surprised and elated that he agreed to do one, but from that point, I decided to extend my proclamation invitation to other mayors around North Carolina. So far, I received confirmations for 15 proclamations and I am as happy as a lark! I composed a letter to these mayors and while some declined my offer due to their city’s guidelines, several obliged enthusiastically. I am waiting to receive any additional proclamations before I publically name all of the participating mayors who I am truly grateful to.

In a segment of my letter to the mayors, I inserted this personal statement:

“It’s unfortunate that music and art programs are sacrificed from core academics when budget cuts are initiated. Poetry and literature are part of that repertoire and I want to do something personally to keep poetry from falling through the cracks that can add validation to creativity, but is often silenced in our schools and communities. We can’t always wait or depend on funding to do something about it. Poetry has been a part of our everyday lives since the beginning of time. Please join me as we make a difference in a small way to spotlight poetry during National Poetry Month in April. Thanking you in advance for your support.” – Kym Gordon Moore

I cannot begin to express how honored I am to see this show of support from government officials, during a time they either receive the highest of praise from their constituents to the highest of criticism from their opposition. This shows me that these individuals truly care about the welfare and growth of their communities, regardless of their political affiliations.

Stay tuned for further developments and updates with my poetry crusade! Please feel free to share how you are commemorating National Poetry Month! I would love to know what others are doing in their communities!


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