World Book Night was simply AMAZING!

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Kym Gordon Moore giving away copies of “Waiting to Exhale” by Terry McMillan for World Book Night 2014

Yesterday was World Book Night in the U.S. and oh what an exciting time I had! This was the third consecutive year that I was selected as a book giver. Francene Marie Morris and I visited the great people at Florence Crittenton Services in Charlotte, North Carolina. We passed out copies of “Waiting to Exhale” by Best-Selling author Terry McMillan. If you had the opportunity to read the book and see the movie, many women can especially relate to the storyline or know of someone who possesses the characteristics of the story’s characters. When I submitted my application to become a World Book Night Giver, during the inaugural year in the United States (2012), I was petrified by the alarming illiteracy rates in the U.S. It was so hard to fathom the fact that the statistics showed that a large percentage of Americans are either illiterate or functionally illiterate. I wanted to find a way to do a little something in my community to bring awareness to this epidemic. Then, along comes an awesome organization that works with well-known authors to waive their royalties and permit one of their best-sellers to be specially published for these annual giveaways! A million thanks to the wonderful folks at World Book Night.

For more information about this incredible mission, visit Can’t wait until next year!

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