When Traditional Courtesies Are Appreciated

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Last month, I launched a campaign to get more support from North Carolina Mayors to issue a Mayoral Proclamation from their municipalities, recognizing April as National Poetry Month. Although this personal crusade was incredibly rewarding and quite an educational experience for me, it no doubt entailed a lot of intense work from start to finish. I was honored and grateful to get the support from 18 mayors throughout the state of North Carolina. Here’s a link to a press release that was distributed on yesterday to shed a little light about the project: Poetry, Proclamations and Eighteen North Carolina Politicians

I often raise the bar for myself in certain areas of my life, which can be challenging and rewarding at the same time, but I don’t think it is ever something that I regret. I just received a beautiful thank you note responding back to a thank you I sent to each mayor for their participation. Not only did I send my appreciation through e-mail, but I also personally wrote a letter of thanks to each one of them. The letter I received was from the Mayor of Asheville and I am truly humbled by what her last sentence was:

Thank You Notes, Letter of Appreciation, Thank You, Gratitude
My mother especially, always instilled in her children that you thank people for giving you a gift, doing something for you, blessing you with something or complimenting you. Her message about how she feels about poetry touched my heart and her mention about hand-writing my note to her was truly humbling. Although my fingers were sore and cramped from writing 18 letters right behind each other, I think the pain was a definite gain! That extra personal touch through a hand-written note or card was a tradition I try to practice as often as possible. If my mother were alive today, I think she would be happy that I listened to her wise advice!

*Note to Self – Keep stationary, stamps, good writing pens and my Thesaurus on hand at all times! Ya just never know!


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