The Camelopardalids are coming!

This sky map from a NASA video shows the location of the new "Camelopardid" meteor shower

Image Credit:

 Just who are the Camelopardalids? Actually, “they” are a brand new meteor shower that astronomers predict will peak between 2:00 to 4:00am Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday morning. It’s all happening on the evening of May 23 into the early morning of May 24. If you aren’t near an observatory, no problem. You should be able to see the Camelopardalids if you stand outside and simply look up. This is a brand new meteor shower and astronomers predict from thirty to hundreds of meteors will plod at 12 miles per second. That’s pretty darn fast! So pull out your telescopes, binoculars or video recorders and have fun! This should be one spectacular skylight show!

Check out this video: ScienceCasts: NASA on the Lookout for a New Meteor Shower


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