The Pulse of a Poetry Revolution

National Poetry Month, Kym Gordon Moore, Poetry Reading, Academy of American PoetsIt’s amazing how many people ask why I bother promoting a genre that is rapidly dying. Of course, I vehemently disagree that poetry is close to being pronounced dead on arrival. In addition to my monthly open mic collaborations and workshops with the support of Susan Didier, Community Development Specialist for the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center, I am especially proud of what I see happening with poetry in my community and communities around the world.

During National Poetry Month in April, when I campaigned for the support of statewide mayors to issue a mayoral proclamation declaring the month of April as National Poetry Month in their municipality, I was clearly reminded that the pulse of poetry is getting stronger, despite the claim by critics that this genre is slowly flat-lining.

The following video depicts how my community is supporting the intensity, creativity and education of poetry, as we integrate other artistic mediums to create a poetry explosion!

Production Credits: My Media Tutor, Moore Marketing, Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center


2 thoughts on “The Pulse of a Poetry Revolution

  1. This is awesome, obviously by my website name we both feel the same way. I chose to call my website for the exact reasons your speaking about in this article. Poetry is NOT dead, is has however become an art form less used as it once was in the world. My goal is to create the platform for the new young Poets. Poetry was once the most artistic and and used forms of self expression, I want our communities to create more. Thank you for the informative article.


  2. Hi Timothy! Thank you so much for your kind comments. It is so refreshing to hear of poets like yourself who are creating platforms for aspiring poets. I think your website offers a fabulous opportunity! I am more encouraged to forge ahead with our advocacy in keeping poetry alive and thriving. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.

    I am also the administrator for the Tea & Poetry Book Club Blog where we feature poetry and tea features. If you have a FB, Twitter or Google + account, please let me know so that we can connect.

    All the best with your poetic endeavors! Thanks again for stopping by.

    Poetically yours,


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