Today is National Bald Eagle Day

Bald Eagle And A Flag

The bald eagle became our nation’s symbolic national bird on June 20, 1782. This majestic raptor is graceful, yet powerful in flight. on June 20, 1982 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the day as National Bald Eagle Day. The American Bald Eagle, once threatened and endangered, is now recovering as a result of the support network of conservation partnerships.

The American Eagle Foundation is dedicated to protecting the majestic Bald Eagle, the USA’s National Symbol, and its habitat by supporting and conducting eagle and environmental recovery and education programs. This not-for-profit organization of concerned citizens and professionals founded in 1985, develop and conduct bald eagle and environmental recovery programs in the United States and to assist private, state and federal projects that do the same. Learn more about Save the Eagle Programs, its environmental education and public awareness initiatives by visiting Take a moment today and soak in the awe and splendor of our national symbol, The American Bald Eagle!


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