The View from the Lens of a Tourist

4th of July, Tourist, Positive Attitude, Holiday ExperiencesOver the course of the 4th of July holiday weekend, I had the opportunity of viewing life and my experiences, as I sometimes do, from a visitor’s perspective. All too often we mull over things that tend to bring great worry to our spirit, which could cause us to lose focus on the people or things that really mean the most to us.

I had the opportunity to go home and take in a little of the holiday festivities. The way I approached my view on this experience was to assume the role as a tourist. Sometimes we tend to lose our flavor and zest for life, because we can become overwhelmed with the weight of “things” going on in our lives. Things, that if we were to truly look at them, we will find that they are not worth the worry, energy and anxiety.

When I stepped back and looked at my trip as an adventure, I learned many things that I never knew before. I decided to look at things, people and places differently, and not so seriously. Many of us go through a routine everyday, and that routine can become mundane, monotonous and depressing.

When we tend to be open to new discoveries with a renewed sense of spirit and vision, our lives become more vibrant, youthful and intriguing. It’s like a shot of adrenaline that gives us hope and a new attitude to discover something you did not know, but edifies your life! Positive and exciting experiences gives us that zest for life. Likewise, adversities will make us sink or swim in our day-to-day living. When I find myself in a challenging situation or having a day that looks like its going downhill fast, I have to stop, take a moment to breathe deeply, pray fervently and exhale slowly. I have to count my blessings more than I count my misfortunes. Often the misfortunes stick out like a sore thumb and the blessings look irrelevant. That’s when you look at your condition, step back and focus on what you are blessed with, instead of lamenting or giving too much energy to those challenges you have no control over.

When we try to fix things that we did not break and even if we did break them, the process does not end up like a happily ever after ending to a movie, as we may think. As we approach situations and various experiences, with a positive and grateful attitude, we learn more about ourselves just as much as we learn about the places or people we visit. Try stepping back today and look at the ordinary, through the lens of an extraordinary tourist! That view may be more optimistic than you can imagine!


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