Controversy amid the selection process for N.C.’s Newest Poet Laureate

Poet Laureate, From Behind the Pen, NC Poet LaureateWhen looking at what it takes to win an Emmy or Oscar Award, actors and actresses know that they have to put their best performance foot forward and make sure it is of Emmy or Oscar caliber in order to be nominated. When competing with stellar performers, you are humbled if you are chosen to win one of these prestigious awards, as it takes your career to a totally different level.

Recently, the Governor of North Carolina appointed the state’s newest Poet Laureate, but it occurred amid a tremendous amount of controversy. Although many do not question the resume of NC Poet Laureate Valerie Macon, the proper protocol and procedure was completely ignored according to resources. The Executive Director of the North Carolina Writer’s Network, tastefully and objectively addressed the appointment that left more literary feathers ruffled than what Governor Pat McCrory probably anticipated. Click here to read more of what Ed Southern, NCWN Executive Director had to say!


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