Writing Prompt: It’s National Hotdog Day!

national hotdog day, national hotdog month, oscar mayer wiener, armour hotdogsWe know that July is also known as National Hotdog Month, but did you know that today is National Hotdog Day? Yep, that’s right! July 23rd is the day we grill, steam, boil, barbecue, pan fry, deep fry or microwave our delicious wieners in a bun!

Many restaurants, food trucks and hotdog stands however, take embellishing the everyday hotdog to a different culinary level. In the south, it’s hard to beat the classic hotdog with basic condiments like mustard, chili, coleslaw, onions, ketchup or relish. Wieners (or franks), sausage dogs, bratwurst or Italian sausage make for delectable eating at picnics, backyard grilling or at a sporting event.

Check out these blast from the past hotdog videos!



So what do you like on your hotdog? Can you use this holiday to write something deliciously juicy to celebrate our love for hotdogs? Bon appetit!


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