Maisie Williams wears a Book Dress to Comic-Con

maisie williams, comic-con, comic book convention

Image Credit: Gilbert Flores BroadImage

Anyone who is a avid comic book enthusiast knows all about Comic-Con. This convention brings the creators of comics, science fiction and fantasy authors, producers, writers, film and television directors and a myriad of special guests for discussions about various art forms. An array of book publishers, comic art and comic books are presented during this convention to a continuously growing audience.

As with any convention, conversations are abuzz about the comic book characters, the plethora of people who attended the event, the soirees, and the stars who attended (who they were with and what they wore).

Maisie Williams, star of The Game of Thrones, made heads turn when she wore a book dress to Comic-Con on Friday. Her cocktail dress is made entirely out of recycled graphic novel pages. Talk about literary fashion and flair! The dress was designed by Ryan Jude Novelline. It features comic panels from various comic books including The Game of Thrones. That dress was quite a novel idea! (pun was intended)

For those of us who like a recycling/repurposing and fashionable idea, this cocktail dress, no matter how ridiculous some may think or over-the-top it is, is a fashion statement I have to say I love!

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