Celebrating National Thank You Day!

Thank you, Appreciation, Thanks, Gratitude“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

If ever there should be an expression of gratitude, it should be every day. Today we uplift and celebrate the gift of two words, that we fail to use as often as we should. Those two beautiful words are “Thank You.”

Did someone open a door for you to enter? Did someone allow you to pull in front of them during rush hour this morning? Did someone pick up something you dropped on the floor and hand it back to you? Did someone make breakfast for you this morning? Did someone do something kind for you today? Did someone pay you a compliment?  Did someone make a difference in your life?

“Thank you” is a common courtesy that you express to others, who extended some act of kindness to you, regardless of how big it may be. If someone mentored or inspired you to do bigger and better things, then write them a note, send them a card or give them a call and just say “Thank you.” You have no idea how much that can make a person’s day!


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