Poet Tree Bird House Contest

Poet Tree Bird House Contest, Bird Houses with Poetry, Poetry, From Behind the Pen

I am pleased to work with the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center to plan and implement our first poetry/art media competition. Our Poet Tree Bird House Contest is FREE to enter and offered to residents in the surrounding area of the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center.

Entrants will decorate unfinished birdhouses, that are produced, provided and sponsored by Peddlers Marketplace, located on Highway 74, in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Contestants will create a themed poem and creatively decorate their bird house to complement their poem. Any type of artistic medium can be used (paint, plaster, Papier-mâché, recycled embellishments, etc.) for decorating. The poem will be incorporated on one of the interior walls of the bird house, where it can be easily visible and readable for the audience, as they view the exhibits. Participants are encouraged to use their imagination as boldly as they would like to, but they must refrain from anything offensive or vulgar (in their poems or décor).

Entries will be judged in two categories: Children and Adults. Each category will be based on the best poem, best decorated bird house and best overall presentation. Winners will be announced at the November Open Mic event where each winner will read their poem and present their bird house. Anyone in the area interested in competing in the Poet Tree Bird House Contest, may contact Susan Didier sdidier@admin.indiantrail.org.


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