The Language of Poetry

language of poetry, poetic patois, poetry, from behind the penHow do I love poetry? Let me count at least 20 ways. Poetry is a resounding creative literary art form that reaches diverse cultures and languages from around the world. I chose to spotlight 20 translations for the word “poetry” in English,” along with one of the famous poets from that region’s decent.

Poetry in French – poésie – Jean de La Fontaine
Poetry in Spanish – poesía – Miguel Hernández
Poetry in Italian – poesia – Giovann Boccaccio
Poetry in German – Poesie – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Poetry in Chinese – 诗 (Shī) – Li Ching-Chao
Poetry in Japanese – 詩 (Uta) – Dakotsu Iida
Poetry in Hebrew – שירה – Dahlia Ravikovitch
Poetry in Dutch – Poëzie – Willem Godschalck van Focquenbroch
Poetry in Greek – ποίηση – Odysseas Elytis (real name is Odysseas Alepoudellis)
Poetry in Hindu – काव्य – Kanhaiyalal Sethia
Poetry in Bulgarian – Поезия – Pencho Petkov Slaveykov
Poetry in Czech – Poezie – Jaroslav Seifert
Poetry in Welsh – Barddoniaeth – Daniel Abse
Poetry in Irish – Filíocht – Padraic Colum
Poetry in Scottish Gaelic – Bàrdachd – Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir (Duncan Ban MacIntyre in English)
Poetry in Croatian – Poezija – Dragojla Jarnevic (also spelled Jarnjevic)
Poetry in Indonesian – Puisi – Sapardi Djoko Damono
Poetry in Kurdish – Helbest – Jalal Barzanji
Poetry in Hungarian – Költészet – János Batsányi
Poetry in Norwegian – Poesi or Dikt – Henrik Johan Ibsen

What’s your poetic patois?


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