The Third Day of Poetry presents Through the Trees

Nina C. Palmer, Through the Trees, Poetry

On the third day of poetry my true love gave to me, Through the Trees, by Nina C. Palmer. Through the Trees: The poetic end to a toxic relationship takes you on a journey through the stages of grief we endure, by way of the author’s use of nature and metaphor. Each chapter (a stage) and each poem is a part of the journey taking you through denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance.This book of poetry acts as an emotional guide leading you through each stage and leaves you at the end with the courage and strength to move on.

Add this book to your wish list or consider buying it as a gift for that special someone who loves poetry, from or Learn more about Nina C. Palmer, her works and guest appearances, by visiting If you follow Nina on her social media sites, she will certainly reciprocate:

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Explore the therapeutic journey of moving on from toxic relationships in Through the Trees.

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