The Sixth Day of Poetry spotlights Love is Air

Love is Air, TeQuila Kelly, Poetry, 12 Days of Poetry

On the sixth day of poetry my true love gave to me, Love Is Air, by TeQuila Kelly. Love Is Air, Poems of My Journey is a transparent compilation of the author’s life lessons with relationships through poetry. TeQuila’s experiences view love simultaneously as solid and tangible, yet when she opens her hands, the only thing left is air. The title of this collection illustrates the author’s revelation when in comparison to air, love can take on many forms. Some of the poems contain hidden messages, which adds to the unique flavor of this compilation. Readers will be delighted and captivated by this work of art.

If you’re looking for a gift idea to give to that special poetry lover in your life, or to buy the collection for yourself to enjoy, you can purchase your copy of Love Is Air from To learn more about Tequila Kelly and future events, check out her website

Follow TeQuila on and she will return the favor by following you back. Pick up a copy of Love Is Air, Poems of My Journey and discover the fascination between the elements of love and the nature of air.


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