My Magical Moment of Blurred Lights

Blurred Lights, Christmas Lights, Vision

Image Credit: Image by Petr Kratochvil

What was your Christmas “aha” moment? We all have something memorable that stands out, whether it was good or unfavorable. Sometimes the unexpected can take your breath away in a good way.

If you are near-sighted, as I am, you understand the difference in how your vision is affected when you have your corrective lens in or your glasses on, than when you don’t. In order to see clearly with focused vision, it is imperative to have the assistance of your vision helpmates. While looking at the multicolored LED lights on my Christmas tree, I momentarily took my glasses off to clean them. I glanced at the lights while wiping my lens, and was in awe of the magic light show that suddenly appeared. These strands of lights looked like perfect circles of color that transformed the tree into a different dimension. As I scanned the blurred lights of brilliant colors, for a moment it became an abstract video showcase through my near-sightedness. In that moment, I discovered how my vision deficiency allowed me to see these Christmas lights in a different and magical perspective. That, my friends was my “WOW” moment this Christmas! Oh the magic and dance of blurred lights! “Blurred Lights“…sounds like something Robin Thicke would sing! LOL


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