National Hot Tea Month Served with a Slice of Poetry

National Hot Tea Month, Wings of the Wind, From Behind the Pen

For all of you Indie poets who have a chapbook or full collection of poetry, what flavor of hot tea do you suggest serving up with your poetry entrée? Throughout the month of January, we are celebrating National Hot Tea Month. In my book Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry, I include two tea-related poems, Mom’s Cup which appeared in TeaMuse for Adagio Teas in 2005 and another poem, Southern HospitaliTEA. Today, I will share my poem Southern HospitaliTEA, in celebration of National Hot Tea Month. Cheers!

Southern HospitaliTEA

Swirling gracefully with a gentle stir
an infusion of flavors in peppermint
chamomile, orange pekoe and lemon spice
ignite soothing sensations of tranquil desire.

Delicately grasping the porcelain teacup
with a fragrant sip I close my eyes
every taste bud is stimulated
with a lullaby of peaceful spiritualitea.

Satisfying my personalitea
in an atmosphere not always a formalitea
without discriminating in your diversitea
with an essence that will always be timeless.

With the softer side of southern
you are boiled, chilled, then iced
the perfect complement on a scorching hot day
as condensation drizzles down the side of the glass.

If you are southern, you have to be sweet
always before cooling and never after
your sensualitea can caress any mood
a liberating infusion of steeped flavor.

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