The Tales of Night in a Galaxy of Poetry

Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center, Christian George, Galaxy of Poetry

Christian George

During the Galaxy of Poetry Open Mic, at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center on Saturday, January 10, the audience snuggled in the warmth of poetry, while cold temperatures outside remained frigid and uninviting. Christian George, an upcoming young poet, who is working on his first book of poetry, challenged himself to write a poem that embraced the night’s theme, Galaxy of Poetry. Poets were challenged to write a poem revolving around the night’s theme and recite it during open mic.

With Christian’s permission, I am excited to present his poem, The Tales of Night for your enjoyment.

The Tales of Night
by Christian George

Night brings solace to the days of woe.
Silence plays on in a symphonious manner
That brings only peace to the ears of the listener
And his companion, Alone.
The midnight moon radiates the concealed night sky
Denying any acts of day.
Owls sing their song
And try to keep him awake
To embrace the time that is ever so short.
But the eyelids succumb to the weight
And he escapes to a new world.
But this facade only haunts him
For the times of life to come dance away in his head.

Christian was also recognized as the winner of the Union County Writers Club Olive L. Howe Summer Student Poetry Contest. Be sure to follow Christian’s blog for more updates and exciting work coming from this talented writer.


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