It’s National Polka Dot Day!

Polka Dots, National Polka Dot DayWho would have guessed that there is a national day of celebration for polka dots? Yep, today is National Polka Dot Day! Now besides strutting your polka dot attire and accessories today, this is an ideal time to write something about this whimsical observation.

Polka dots are patterns that were typically spaced evenly, with the same sized circles that became common on clothing from the late 19th century in the U.K. This pattern was traditionally used on clothing, but is now found on an array of decorations, accessories, toys, shoes and even used as edible embellishments on food.

Share any of your polka dot ideas, projects or experiences with your audience and ours. What about a polka dot poem? A children’s story about polka dot characters? How about your favorite recipe decorated with polka dots? I know it sounds pretty crazy, but someone came up with this idea and incredibly this is setting off a chain of polka dot related fun. So get your “polka dot” on today!



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