First Kudzu Bugs and now Genetically Modified Mosquitoes?

Genetically Modified Mosquito, Oxitec

Photo credit: This undated photo made available by Oxitec. (AP Photo/Oxitec, Derric Nimmo)

I feel like I stepped into a Sci-Fi movie, but never moved my feet to get there. As entertaining as Sci-Fi movies are, I always thought in the back of my mind that some of the things we see on the screen could give someone the idea to try to alter the natural order of things that probably should not be tampered with.

When Kudzu bugs invaded our area I thought they were a Lady Bug’s crazy and deranged cousin. These bugs were supposed to attack the out-of-control kudzu that was brought to this country to help prevent soil erosion. Instead these ugly bugs began terrorizing farmers, by devouring crops like soy beans, and thus devouring potential income for these farmers. Kudzu bugs are also very attracted to the color white for some strange reason. When we found them clinging to the white window frames of our house, harassing us when we wore white clothing outside and finding them hitching a ride on our white vehicle, it seemed like a conspiracy to drive us crazy.

To take crazy to another mind-boggling level, last year, we were warned about the Crazy Ants. Yes, this is actually their real name. According to researchers, these tawny crazy ants can out-invade the red fire ants. For anyone who experienced the pain, agony and menace fire ants are known for, these crazy ants appear to move twice as fast as other ants. Apparently they share a mound (no pun intended) of traits many of the world’s worst invasive ant species have, particularly what is deemed as super-colonial. Don’t ask!

And now Genetically Modified Mosquitoes? It has been reported that if British researchers get approval to use these bugs in the fight agains two extremely painful viral diseases, millions could be released in the Florida Keys. Couldn’t they try these GMOM’s out in Britain first? It sounds like these GMO mosquitoes would devour genetically modified cans of Raid or Hot Shot, and dare you to bring on the SUPER pesticides. I am truly speechless. Don’t take my word for it however, read it for yourself. What’s next? I’m too afraid to ask, because I just might get that question answered!


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