What Piques our Curiosity About the Red Carpet Celebs?

Red Carpet, Awards Show, Celebrities

What intrigues us about the red carpet? Celebrities and what they are wearing for the awards are probably what excites us, just as much as the award ceremony itself. As you know, the Grammy’s will be televised this weekend and the musicians, along with the entertainment will be buzzing with excitement.

Whether it’s the Emmy’s, Oscars, Grammy’s or Golden Globe Awards, we are interested in the parade of people who waltz down the red carpet, the fashions they are donning, how their hair is styled and their dates for the evening. Like a fairytale of designer showcases vying for bragging rights to the most memorable and widely discussed fashion statements, we see a broad range of stars dressed in extreme glamour to the shocking and extremely bizarre statements. Yet, we have to wonder if bad press about bad hair, bad outfits and bad attitude is just as newsworthy and intriguing as good press. It seems like negative reports have a way of creating a notorious buzz of engagement in the social sector.

Hold on to your seats everyone, because the red carpet crowd will probably be just as entertaining as the show! You can rest assure that folks will be tweeting about it and discussing it on other major social media forums!


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