Chocolate Lover’s Dream, the Poetry of Chocolate

chocolate, valentine's day, chocolate poetry

Chocolate Lover’s Dream
By Kym Gordon Moore

A decadent obsession of creamy rich dark chocolate
chocolate dreams that’s smooth, creamy, rich and sweet
a chocoholic’s paradise slathered in a confectionary coma
a gourmet delight, a melt in your mouth treat.

Cocoa powder transformed into a chocolatier’s fondue
chocolate to cover, chocolate to dip
invaded by fruit, nuts, pretzels or veggies
chocolate to bite into, chocolate to sip.

Dark, white, unsweetened, semi-sweet
milk, couverture, Gianduja or candy coating
desserts, cakes, ice cream and brownies
chocolate mousse, hot chocolate or chocolate pudding.

And so as I stand in this chocolate factory dream
on the blissful wings of a confectioners whisk
I dive into the depths of a skyscraping chocolate fountain
and surface with a silver bell containing a Hershey’s kiss.

This poem is from Kym’s book of poetry, Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry. The book is available on Barnes & Noble, and Outskirts Press.


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