Erin Penland: Poetry, Art and Open Mic

Erin Penland, Art, Digital Collage, Photography, Poetry, Artist

Digital Collage by Erin Penland

Poetry open mic is always an event that excites poets, as well as those wanting to share a poem, or individuals who prefer to sit in the audience and enjoy the montage of poems being presented. Erin Penland, a photographer and digital artist from Charlotte, North Carolina combines poetry with art, during open mic readings at the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center each month. Erin loves to listen to poetry read by poets and interpret their words on canvas or paper, with paint. She is also inspired to write poetry and share her words with the audience as well.

Erin Penland, Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center, Art, Photography

Erin Penland at work during poetry open mic

As a digital artist, Erin explores the relationship between perception and reality, by forcing 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional spaces together. Through self-expression, she is interested in the universal ideas of the soul mixed with the fabric of reality. By using traditional mediums, there is an invigorating freedom of randomness, combined with the digital medium that makes her artwork explosive. Her digital collages are one of a kind pieces that exemplify multi-textural applications.

As an accomplished photographer, from behind the lens Erin captures special images of her clients, which leaves a lasting memory for many years to come. She enjoys all art forms and finds that photography presents an opportunity to combine many mediums digitally, in ways no other medium offers.

Be sure to check out Erin’s artwork and photography at To see more of her artistic creations, visit her page on Flickr Don’t forget to visit her shop at for a variety of products produced from her one of a kind digital collages. Follow Erin on Facebook at and “Like” her page .

Poetry creates conversations. When you add art and photography to the mix however, it makes the combined mediums more fascinating and engaging. If you are in the area, visit the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center, during their free poetry open mic every second Saturday of each month. There you will find Erin working her incredible magic through the art of words on canvas.


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