Plant a Tree on National Arbor Day

Arbor Day, The Canopy Project, Planting TreesGo ahead and plant a tree today! Today is National Arbor Day and across the nation we are promoting and celebrating the importance of trees. In 1872, when J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day, his idea was to simply set aside a special day for tree planting. Trees serve some very vital purposes essential for beautifying our planet, for environmental benefits and improving the human condition. On the heels of celebrating Earth Day on Wednesday April 22, National Arbor Day taps into forests and grasslands in our cities, states and nation, to look for opportunities to learn about, educate and preserve our trees.

According to, here are 10 reasons why living trees are valuable:

Trees Produce Oxygen
Trees Clean the Soil
Trees Control Noise Pollution
Trees Slow Storm Water Runoff
Trees Are Carbon Sinks
Trees Clean the Air
Trees Shade and Cool
Trees Act as Windbreaks
Trees Fight Soil Erosion
Trees Increase Property Values

Learn more about National Arbor Day at the Arbor Day Foundation. Get an online tree guide, learn about programs and ways you can take action and discover techniques on how to care for our forests, nurture and celebrate trees.

Happy National Arbor Day!


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