Grab Your Camera Because It’s National Photo Month

Vintage Camera, National Photo Month, Taking Pictures, PhotographyAlthough I love the convenience of digital cameras, I still love the classic style and photographs taken with vintage cameras. I found it rather funny one day when I was talking about the old Polaroid and Kodak Brownie cameras we used to have growing up that I immediately got that “deer in the headlights” look from some youngsters! These digital era babies only know of the camera option on their mobile phone or computer pad, unless their parents still have a camera using film, from not too long ago. Oh the nostalgia of putting those rolls of film in the camera and having them developed from the negatives. That experience alone is priceless to me.

National Photo Month, Photography, CamerasAccording to the American Photography Association, National Photo Month (NPM) was officially recognized by Congress in 1987. During the month of May, the American Photography Association is one of the primary organizations continuing the tradition.

Since we are celebrating National Photo Month during May, I had to share my love of vintage cameras by linking my Pinterest board, Vintage Cameras: Say Cheese to this post. With digital and camera capable mobile phones, easy accessibility and uploading pictures on your computer can be done quicker than the dark room processing of film was with vintage cameras. Whatever photo taking platform that you use, why not go out and take some pictures to add to your photo album today. Photos are great conversational pieces and add to the nostalgia of some great memories!

Happy National Photo Month!


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