The Write Pen to Use on National Ballpoint Pen Day

Bic, Ballpoint Pens, National Ballpoint Pen Day, László and György Bíró

Do you know anyone who does not own or use a ballpoint pen? Whether or not you are a consummate writer, and regardless of how many digital devices you have, there is always a need for a pen throughout your day. The most common and economical pen we use today uses the design of Marcel Bich, co-founder of Bic.

In honor of the Bíró brothers, László and György, today we celebrate National Ballpoint Pen Day. On June 10, 1943, László and György, became owners of US Patent 2,390,636 – better known around the world as the ball point pen. The Biro (ballpoint pen) is a pen that dispenses ink over a metal ball at its point. The Hungarian inventors filed an application for the patent of the ballpoint pen with the European Patent Office. They were inspired by the quick-drying inks used by professional printers. This pen was conceived and developed as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to quill and fountain pens, and is now the world’s most-used writing instrument.

According to Wikipedia,

The first patent for a ballpoint pen was issued on October 30, 1888, to John J. Loud, a leather tanner, who was attempting to make a writing instrument that would be able to write on his leather products; which then-common fountain pens could not. Loud’s pen had a small rotating steel ball, held in place by a socket. Although it could be used to mark rough surfaces such as leather, as Loud intended, it proved to be too coarse for letter-writing. With no commercial viability, its potential went unexploited and the patent eventually lapsed.

Ballpoint pens are produced in both disposable and refillable models. Refills allow for the entire internal ink reservoir, including a ballpoint and socket, to be replaced. Such characteristics are usually associated with designer-type pens or those constructed of finer materials. The simplest types of ballpoint pens are disposable and have a cap to cover the tip when the pen is not in use, or a mechanism for retracting the tip, which varies between manufacturers but is usually a spring or screw-mechanism.

Celebrate the 72nd anniversary of this revolutionary writing instrument on National Ballpoint Pen Day!



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