A Day at the Car Show

Queen City Car Show, Corvettes, Chevrolet

I always had a secret love affair for unique and showy cars, so occasionally going to a car show gives me my fill of “ooh’s and ahh’s” as I pass by this spectacular showcase of cars. On Saturday September 19, 2015, I attended the Queen City Corvette Club 4th Annual All Chevy Car Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. The stage was set at Hendrick Motorsports in Charlotte. Trophies for the Best of Show, overall Best of Show and numerous special awards were given. Dash plaques were given to the first 200 entries.

Being in the NASCAR Capital of the World, you see so many amazing cars that owners have invested a lot of money into. While I walked through the incredible aisles of spectacular cars, I was inspired to write the following poem, The Car Show.

The Car Show
By Kym Gordon Moore

Like the most precious gems in the crown of a palace royal
a sea of cars sparkles as the sun dances on their Pantone bodies
splashes of bold, magnificent colors in brilliant metallics
makes spectators drool from the corners of their hungry lips

showmanship on display like a prized thoroughbred
owners delicately removing any sign of dust or debris
polishing, wiping and polishing some more
too mesmerized to step away from the dazzling gleam

mouths agape by pristine details never before imagined
with an eye on the prize for title of best in the show
whether vintage models or the latest showroom performer
all await the judge’s announcement for that coveted trophy

each car has a story to tell about its family’s lineage
ancestry that resonates with regal nostalgia
as the votes are tabulated and announcements anticipated
honor is bestowed on the winner, luminous like Cinderella’s tiara.

Here are a few of my favorites, as we were “Cruisin’ in the Carolinas!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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