Have You Heard the Latest About Twitter?

Twitter, Twitter Moments, Social Media Channel, Twitter Buy Buttons

Have you heard and seen the latest offerings from Twitter? When you check out your Twitter page, you will notice the lighting bolt icon located between your notifications and messages tab. This new feature shows the best of what’s happening in the news on Twitter in an instant. What a great opportunity to take part in up to the minute discussions. If you are a social media specialist or a diehard fan of the second largest social media channel, then you may find their upgrades quite appealing.

There is also the buzz, according to a Recode report, about the company looking to launch a product that will allow users to publish updates with more than 140 characters. Many Twitter users have voiced their dissatisfaction about this character limit, and it appears the company is listening and will soon respond with a resolution.

Not to be left out of the Internet “buy button” platform and make their site more shoppable, Twitter is joining such sites as Facebook and Pinterest, by adding a “Buy Button” to their mix. With more social media channels adding convenient “buy button” features for their users, how likely are you to take advantage of this new feature? Oh go ahead and get your TWEET on!


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