It’s National Pork Month So Fry, Grill, Bake or Sautée

Pork, BBQ, National Pork MonthFor all you pork loving foodies out there, not only are we celebrating National Vegetarian Month, but we are also celebrating National Pork Month! That’s right, for all of you pork chop, barbeque, baby back ribs, ham and bacon lovers, this month we are savoring the mouth-watering essence of the “other white meat!”

Be sure to check out, a responsible resource of educational materials, reports, hot topics, research, valuable tips and recipes. Here you will find valuable links to help consumers who enjoy this meat product and to appreciate the process, responsible practices and care that goes into bringing food to the marketplace. National Pork Month also focuses on the ongoing environmental efforts and the hard work conducted by pig farmers.

The National Pork Board will elevate U.S. pork as the global protein of choice, by continuously and collaboratively working to do what’s right for people, pigs and the planet. This organization is the catalyst that unites pork producers with key stakeholders focused on building a bright future for the pork industry through research, promotion and education.

Happy National Pork Month!


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