May the Force Be With You or Without You

Futuristic, Star Wars Analogy, Light Trails
We have seen all of the bells, whistles and revenue that went into the production of the blockbuster movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The genius of creator George Lucas, along with director J.J. Abrams, the cast and crew since Star Wars originally debuted in 1977, simply blows your mind with incredible creativity, action and amazing vision.

As we continue to look at where we are, how far we’ve come and the hopes of marching into a promising future, will the force be with you? Approaching a New Year, everyone wants to make a New Year’s resolution, but the force is not with them to keep it. We are pumped up and excited about the new month and New Year, making promises without substance that make these tangible goals fail. We falter because we do not have that force embedded in our spirit to listen to what our spirit tells us about the true energy and purpose behind the things on our to do list. Are we doing these things for us or for others?

Our plans and lives will always face some new threat, like the evil Kylo Ren. There will be some type of resistance and bump in the road as we work towards the goals we plan out. Not all resistance however, is bad or evil. Oftentimes, challenges help us to fight and gain momentum to continue on our journey to success, whatever your definition of success may be. Make a positive difference, stay encouraged and may the force be with you, or at least awaken you!


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