Is Your Writing Like Playing the Lottery?

Lottery, Writing, Winning

If you kept up with the recent accumulated pool of over $1 billion dollars that the PowerBall lottery has increased to, for the first time in history by the way, are you tempted to buy a few lottery tickets in hopes that you will be the one chosen for that big pot of loot? It is oh so tempting to buy a ticket or several, especially when many people interviewed on television say that you can’t win if you don’t play. While that may be true to a degree, if your mindset isn’t the type to fathom the magnitude, discipline and responsibility of the amount of money you currently have, what makes you think you will be in the right frame of mind to budget your finances should you win those millions?

Unlike the PowerBall lottery, writing is not a game of chance, but a habit, if you are serious about the craft. Although some of those who play the lottery make it a habit of buying a ticket(s) every week, that type of addiction can result into some serious, costly consequences, especially if the individual does not win. Writing on the other hand can be a game of chance if you’re entering a writing competition or submitting a composition for consideration to a specific publication. That type of “taking a chance” however, is not a gamble in the same sense as playing the lottery. You already possess the value of treasured words. Acceptance in a targeted publication or winning a writing or book award, has longevity and greater rewards.

If you are serious about your writing craft or any other positive endeavor for that matter, maintain a good work ethic, stay focused and be encouraged, even if you receive a rejection. For me a rejection means a redirection. A rejection means if not there, then it’s somewhere else. Don’t focus on the closed and limited doors too long. The open doors of redirection, opportunity and new journeys may not stay open much longer!

And the winner is…YOU!


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