Today is National Margarita Day

Here is a refreshing way to kick off your week, because today we’re celebrating National Margarita Day! That’s right! The margarita is the most common tequila-based cocktail in the United States. It is made with tequila, mixed with triple sec and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rim of the glass. This drink is served shaken with ice, blended with ice, or without ice.

The exact origin and inventor of the margarita is unknown. This cocktail is one of the most popular drinks among other cocktails like the Mojito, Mai Tai, White Russian or Piña Colada. If you’re headed to work today, by all means after you get off, wind down and treat yourself to this refreshing spirit.

As mentioned on Wikipedia, “Although it has become acceptable to serve a margarita in a wide variety of glass types, ranging from cocktail and wine glasses to pint glasses and even large schooners, the drink is traditionally served in the eponymous margarita glass, a stepped-diameter variant of a cocktail glass or champagne coupe somewhat resembling an inverted sombrero.”

Cheers and Happy National Margarita Day!


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