Brussels, Belgium: Praying for Peace

praying hands, praying for peaceYesterday, Brussels was viciously attacked by terrorists, and yet again we are seeing images that are becoming all too familiar, more often than we care to admit. Our hearts are heavy and our spirits are saddened. There is no good outcome for either side, as such tortuous extremism continues to spread like an airborne virus. People are wounded. People are dead. Life is forever changed.

We continue to ask that one simple question “why?” that never gives us any sense of satisfaction when such things happen, because the answers never make sense to us. We see the existence of evil all around us and as long as good exists, evil will be there to fight it. If you watch television or surf the Internet, chances are you will always be slapped in the face with news of some morbid and heinous crimes committed locally, nationally and around the world every single day.

We try to be on guard, to watch and pray, yet somehow evil finds a crack, a crevice, some type of opening to blend in, to seek and to destroy. Evil can take on the appearance of good and it can even sound like good. The impersonation is remarkable. We are suspicious of many who may be innocent and we let our guard down when the wicked act more virtuous than the righteous (rectitude).

As another terrorist attack has stalked and destroyed the lives of so many innocent victims once again, things will never again be normal as they once were. Evil never takes a day off and neither should good. Prayer is the one thing that seems to resonate louder than any terrorist can. Just as evil never takes a day off, prayer should never cease. We will never understand why, but one thing is for sure, love conquers all and we must not walk around with our eyes wide shut. Brussels, Belgium we are praying with you and for you across the miles. No one is immune to such heinous acts and this is certainly not the Will of God Almighty. Watch and pray.


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