National Poetry Month: Poetry and Essay Contests for Students

Do you have children or a child you know who enjoys writing poetry or essays? Help your young students get published and win prizes for their love of writing. Creative Communication is a group of educators who are trusted by teachers in over 59,000 schools. For the past 20 years they have awarded over $2 million dollars in cash prizes, school supplies and free books.

Teachers can enter students or students can enter on their own. Click here to see how the contest works. Click here to go to the Student Poetry contest form. Please be advised that the current deadline for this contest is April 7. Click here to go to the Student Essay contest form. Deadlines vary from the poetry contest.

In Fifth Grade, Taylor Swift was a Top Ten Winner in their contest with her poem “Monster in My Closet!” Here is an excerpt of what she said about writing poetry:

Taylor says…
“It started with poetry, trying to figure out the perfect combination of words, with the perfect amount of syllables and the perfect rhyme to make it completely pop off the page. I started when I was 10 and won this national poetry contest…”
The Washington Post, February 28, 2008

Creative Communication is devoted to the promotion of writing, teaching and appreciation of student writing. The intent of their student writing contests is to motivate student writers. The top entries are published in an anthology that will record the creative insights of today’s student writers. Students can make this a part of their resume or include on college applications.


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