The Star Power of Poetry

National Poetry Month, Celebs Who Love Poetry, Poetry

In this month’s issue of O Magazine, there is an article Poetry in Its Prime that celebrates National Poetry Month. There was a spotlight on actor Bill Murray talking about poetry, how he reflects on it and mentions his over 20 years of support for the New York City’s Poets House. Who would have thought this funny man had such a soft spot for poetry?

Among other celebs who also enjoy and celebrate the art form of poetry are Diane Sawyer, Bono, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Mike Tyson, General David H. Petraeus, Kate Capshaw, Wynton Marsalis, Demi Moore, Liz Smith, Sting, Jessye Norman, Dan Rather, Matt Dillon, Ashton Kutcher, Terrell Owens and James Franco.

Poetry has inspired and has been a great influence on artists, musicians, singers, doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, teachers, clergy, culinary pros, vintners, athletes, writers, politicians, military personnel, civil servants, scientists, architects and of course celebrities. Who is your favorite poet? What are your reflections on poetry? What collection of poetry have you read lately? Has poetry inspired you to write your own poems or propelled your imagination to venture into creating something else? Indeed, poetry has star power, no matter what size your star is!


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