Basic Instincts: Taking a Page from Nature

spiderweb, nature

How did you react when you first unknowingly walked into a spider web? Trying to get that sticky web off of your face is tangled, uncomfortable mess. I watched a spider painstakingly weave its web as the rising sun hit the glistening threads between the leaves of two neighboring trees. I observed this spider working tediously back and forth along this invisible line of finely woven threads and wondered how in the world can it see these transparent strands to make an amazing net to catch its bounty of food in.

Every morning I rise early to walk outside and breathe in the flow of new air. I listen to the sounds of birds peacefully harmonize without some critic telling them to stop. I look at new leaves begin to unfold or a brand new bud getting ready to burst forth into a colorful flower blossom. I watch, listen and smell, and I think “That is good!”

Nature, ButterfliesIncredibly, nature knows its basic instincts for surviving, growing and embracing the gracious gift of life that make each animal, insect, fish, fowl, flower or tree flourish each day. I notice how squirrels leap from an oak tree and onto the ground digging quickly for a snack. I marvel at butterflies and bees landing on my butterfly bush enjoying the sweet nectar it is producing.

I see the shell of a turtle whose neck is steering straight ahead as it slowly makes its way towards an embankment. Every so often I see a fish somersault out of the lake and splash with intentional and carefree folly like a whale splashing in the ocean. What do I learn from all of these observations? I learned that all of these creatures use their basic instincts to celebrate life. They don’t make things complicated like humans do. They don’t worry or over-think, but they follow their natural instincts to do what they were created to do. They survive and bask in the present moment of what life presents to them.

We don’t have to be like the insects, animals, flora or fauna, but we can certainly take a page from their basic instincts book and be the people God created us to be, with the courage, nurturing, loving and empathetic spirit that we were all given at birth. That’s what our basic instinct is all about.




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